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There were times when only Microsoft could convince people to buy its product, but how a brilliant idea from Steve Jobs got a revolution in the technology industry.Not about any Apple devices, but here in this blog, we would talk about what makes iTunes the most popular jukebox in the world. iTunes is a software that lets you download, organize and play your media collection on your desktops as well as sync it to any portable device. You can even use the jukebox on a Mac or Windows machine.

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What makes iTunes different from any other media player?

The Built-in iTunes store offers a podcast, iPod and IPad touch apps, Music video, Audiobooks, Movies, and TV Show, along with multi-level integration with Apple’s iPhone and iPod.You not only can enjoy iTunes content on a portable media player, but you can access it on Mac or Windows Computer if you have a sound card. Finding any trouble connecting with your Windows Computer? Do speak with our expert at iTunes Support Number.Now some enterprising hackers have created mobile applications that let you synchronize iTunes on non-Apple products, which clearly Apple doesn’t support and may not run in every version of iTunes.

iTunes Software:
It’s really not important to make any purchase from the iTunes store, still, Apple gives you the advantage to get your hands on the basic functions of iTunes. Here, I’m mentioning some of the features you would have expected from such catchy jukebox media players:

Internet radio:
You can anytime explore internet radio.

Streaming music:
"Open Stream" dialog box lets you open a stream in iTunes to listen to what you want.

Organization and management tools:
The software offers automatic and manual management options for your library.

Audio-file playback:
AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV,'s .aa format and unprotected WMA audio formats are supported by iTunes.

File-type conversion:
You can easily convert your AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV or unprotected WMA files to AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3 or WAV format in the iTunes.

If incase, your iTunes fails to convert any of the files, then experts at iTunes support are there for you to help days and nights.

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