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Initially in 2003, iTunes majorly work as a music management program, with a bit of business application outside of the entertainment industry. Moreover, nowadays, iTunes is not just limited to music, but its role as a gateway to iOS devices like iPhone and iPad makes it a useful tool for businesses and their employees. The feature allows the users to exchange audio recordings of conferences and transcripts across devices. Well having many other similar applications in the market, you need to come up with a decision whether to install iTunes in your business after weighing its benefits against its potential negatives. I hope not, but if you’ve got some addition queries regarding the issue, iTunes Customer Service are always there to assist you 24*7.

itunes Customer Service

Here are its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantage Disadvantage
Access to Business Content
Office employees can improve their performance with a wide range of content on the ITunes. This provides you business podcasts, as well as business classes through the iTunes U education app and business books and audiobooks through the iTunes bookstore.
Non-Business Purpose
The misuse of iTunes by employees might generally consist of their storage of legitimate, purchased media on their systems, it can even lead the employees to download illegal material. Also, non-business storage of music or video material will consume a lot of space and this will eventually slow down the system to handle work transactions.
Good Integration with iOS Devices
Yes, there are several third party programs other than iTunes that can upload audio recordings to iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads, but what make iTunes unique is it is the only program that can handle coordinating operating system upgrades while managing apps at the same time, which makes it the fastest alternative when employees need to use it on a daily basis to exchange company-related media.
A lot of reviews have been seen on iTunes Customer Service page that it tends to run slow on many computers, particularly on Windows software, and consuming system’s RAM heavly. Performance particularly can be problematic for businesses that upgrade their hardware infrequently and use slower computers with less memory.

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